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A Day With Raine...

It’s been raining for the last 2 days… I remember when I was young, back in the Philippines. Me and my friends, we will be outside most of-the-time, and playing in the rain, and if lucky, we are crazy-playing in the flood *wink wink* but it’s totally different now. Philippines or NOT, I have my little Raine inside the house. And even now that i’m older. I still like playing… Might not be outside in the Rain but everywhere WITH RAINE…
“You’ve been warned” ;-)

Those bright eyes that lights up my day. No matter what, it’s come what may.
And When you cry, and curl those lips…Baby girl mommy’s heart can’t help but weep :-(

Some call it “spoiled” but we call it “loved”
Isn’t it supposed to be this way anyway? To hold you as long as we can. And while our arms and body are still able.
We’ll be here our little “raindrop” for AS long as you let us.

Peek-a-Boo, yes darling, we see you…

You stick your tongue out and you look like such a cutie :-)
You talk to us with those bright eyes, like they’re saying “it’s okay, mommy & daddy!”
“I’m growing up, can’t you see?”
We know it’s gonna happen. Someday… Eventually… :-(
We look at  you everyday… And We Thank you for the joy that in our lives you bring.
Even Time won’t slow down for us. It’s okay, We'll  just PAUSE through PHOTOGRAPHS.
With each “click” of the shutter, and every “tick” of our heart.
Know that You, Ate, and Kuya, makes us the proudest and most loved parents around.

4 comments on "A Day With Raine..."
  1. So cute. make me want to have a baby of my own

  2. Super duper kyut!! Batiin na kita ng Merry Christmas at baka maging busy sa mga darating na araw! God Bless!


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