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She is 6 months old!

Our Little Angel Raine is 6 Months Old now... I know I always say it, but ill say it again, TIME FLIES!!!! Hold your babies, enjoy your kids, every moment, every given opportunity make memories. Don't waste. Enjoy them, Live your life to fullest and Love More!!!!


2 bottom teeth out.
1 upper teeth showing up
A strong crawler
Slobber Princess
Smiles A lot
Laughs often

A very healthy, very happy Baby!

We love you Raine, Happy 6 month old birthday!!!

Daddy, Mommy, Ate Jazzle, & Kuya Zyon
4 comments on "She is 6 months old!"
  1. omg shes ADORABLE!!! bless her little smile ^_^

  2. Your words are so true, kids grow up to fast. God's greatest gift.

  3. she's so adorable. love the 3rd picture and those eyes--amazing.

    happy 6th month !


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