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Point and Shoot

Just bought a new point and shoot cam, the new nikon coolpix s4000 I kinda like it, I mean just to have something handy and also a plus is, it shoots HD video too. It has 12 Mega Pixels and very good with low light conditions. I like it. Although I am still looking forward on purchasing the new nikon d7000, because right now I am using a nikon d5000 but is looking for a possible upgrade very soon. Yey!!! More toys!!! Hooray for technology! LOL!!!

10 comments on "Point and Shoot"
  1. Ooooooh you look like Hale Berry in Cat Woman, fierce! x

  2. Doll you are so sweet. But okay, it feels so good that I will pretend that I believe that okay? Hahaha... mwah!!!

  3. Ooohh.. I like the camera.. and the picture. Hannah's right.. You look like Hale Berry in that photo. =)

    It's really cool to have a point and shoot camera.. Kasi madaling dalhin, maliit.. pwedeng ilagay lang sa bag or something. I've wanted to buy a DSLR, pero ewan.. hehe.. parang I just want it, I don't really need it.

    Anyway, dumaan po dito at nagkomento.. =)

  4. I would love to have something handy like that,too!

    I must say that you look like Victoria Beckham! :)

  5. wooo!!! I love it too!! but I like more of niko d7000 hihi!! but it was indeed costly, and so far I don't have any budget for that!!!

    Thursday Hops here ^_^

  6. yay for technology! lol i just got the nikon d90 and its amazing, im not upgrading for a while =)

  7. May new toy ka na naman! Sana ako din marami pangbili ng new toys. hihihi!


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