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I am so loved

Remember my MacBookPro accident last week? Well someone from Apple called us the other day to let us know that it is unrepairable. Whaaaaat????? Waaaaaaaaaaah, I felt my world stopped for a while. I literally stopped breathing for a few seconds. Jason said he didn't know how to relay the message to me. He said that's the hardest part for him...

But ya know what? I didn't even got the chance to get sad or depressed. I am so loved! My dear husband bought me a new MacBookPro again. Brand spanking new... All because he doesn't want me sad. Aaaaaaaw I love him soooo much. I am so blessed.

Now, the lesson learned here is to just pay for the apple care. I know its kinda hard when you think about the price. Almost $400 for insurance. Yay right?! But look at what happened to us. We ended up buying a new device instead of getting a replacement. So?! Get apple care!!!!

I still feel bad. It's a bummer. But like what Jason said, it's just a small bump, nothing to worry about! We are blessed, and I am grateful!!!


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3 comments on "I am so loved"
  1. Big sigh of relief!
    Goooooooooooood hubby! x

  2. I dont know what I would do if my macbook would crash =(
    it's the best laptop I've own, but good thing you got a replacement


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