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Happy Halloween! 2010


Happy Halloween guys!!! 
I was so busy last week and also will be this week.
We had a blast last night. The kids had so much fun and they did so well trick or treat'ing.
They have enough candies for the next 6 months, hahahaha!!!
Hubby's costume is eclectic vampire, LOL!
I honestly don't know what he wants to be so lets just say that he's a vampire!
I decided to be a pirate. I bought accessories the last minutes but decided not to use them coz they only ended up not looking too-cute on me. So that's a waste of money from party city, NO RETURN NO EXCHANGE POLICY!!! "FINAL SALES ONLY MA'AM" Hmp!!!

Oh well! So anyways guess what I recieved in the mail today?
I got a mail from Sigma. And they sent me three (3) FREE brushes to try and review!
I am soooo excited... And will definitely let you guys know how great the product is. 
I know that it will be great, I just have no doubt! So, pictures and product review coming very soon!

I also did a photoshoot with a client last Saturday... here's one of my most favorite shot...

I hope you guys enjoyed the pictures. If you think that I look a fat pig, just please keep it to yourself okay? LOL. I know it already but it still hurts to hear from other people! haha!



6 comments on "Happy Halloween! 2010"
  1. nice shot of your client.. i love your costume for Halloween and your makeup is so sexy.. :D

  2. Nice family pic! I love the costumes!

  3. I'm loving your costume! I was a 20s flapper for Halloween. :)

    By the way, that's a great shot of your client. I would love to take photography as well but I prefer Lomography. Something different.

    That's a great camera!

    P.S. Sorry about your laptop!

  4. Hi Tony, thanks sweetie. The kids had fun last Halloween. 20'??? Oooohhh classic. I bet you looked awesome as always! Kisses...

  5. Wonderful outfits!



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