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Boo Hoo!

My little Zyon+MacBookPro+Coffee = Disaster, 20minutes crying, A trip to the Apple Store. A week or so without my laptop, and looooots and looooooots of hugs and kisses too!!!

I feel better now. I don't like accidents. But poo poo happens, oh well right?

Zyon gave me lots of hugs and kisses. I feel bad because he started feeling so bad after seeing me crying (a lot) and told him not to worry because it's an accident.

But you know who's the happiest one of all today? Jason. Because he knows that if something "major major" happened to the computer he will end up buying me a new one because we didn't purchase apple care on this one. Hee hee... So he is so thankful that it can be repaired and refurbished! Weeeeeee!!!!

I am just afraid that I will lose new pictures because I haven't done a time backup since we bought it almost 2 months ago. Boo!

I guess I'll have to reshoot with my friend for new photos! Oh well, that will be fun anyways!!! Just another excuse for another girls day out!

So for now, I will just blog using this iPod or my cellphone (Droid X) because I don't wanna use Hubby's MacBook or the family computer. (iMac) I only like using my babies... Lol!

No accidents can stop me from smiling and to not appreciate my beautiful life!

Talk to y'all later...

Stay Happy,


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5 comments on "Boo Hoo!"
  1. Ooops! Sorry about your little accident. Great attitude though! Hope your day gets better.

  2. eeek Hope everything turns out ok! I hate not having my computers!

  3. Sana ma repair agad yan at ma retrieve mo pa ang mga new pics!

  4. Ow...that is sad. Ako gumawa na ako ng back-up for my files at photos sa isang external hard drive.

    I hope na maayos na yan.


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