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She is 6 months old!

Our Little Angel Raine is 6 Months Old now... I know I always say it, but ill say it again, TIME FLIES!!!! Hold your babies, enjoy your kids, every moment, every given opportunity make memories. Don't waste. Enjoy them, Live your life to fullest and Love More!!!!


2 bottom teeth out.
1 upper teeth showing up
A strong crawler
Slobber Princess
Smiles A lot
Laughs often

A very healthy, very happy Baby!

We love you Raine, Happy 6 month old birthday!!!

Daddy, Mommy, Ate Jazzle, & Kuya Zyon

Point and Shoot

Just bought a new point and shoot cam, the new nikon coolpix s4000 I kinda like it, I mean just to have something handy and also a plus is, it shoots HD video too. It has 12 Mega Pixels and very good with low light conditions. I like it. Although I am still looking forward on purchasing the new nikon d7000, because right now I am using a nikon d5000 but is looking for a possible upgrade very soon. Yey!!! More toys!!! Hooray for technology! LOL!!!

Guess What?


We are moving again! And this time? TO ARKANSAS!!!! Yay! From Vegas to Arkansas! Great! LOL!

Lhey ♥

I am so loved

Remember my MacBookPro accident last week? Well someone from Apple called us the other day to let us know that it is unrepairable. Whaaaaat????? Waaaaaaaaaaah, I felt my world stopped for a while. I literally stopped breathing for a few seconds. Jason said he didn't know how to relay the message to me. He said that's the hardest part for him...

But ya know what? I didn't even got the chance to get sad or depressed. I am so loved! My dear husband bought me a new MacBookPro again. Brand spanking new... All because he doesn't want me sad. Aaaaaaaw I love him soooo much. I am so blessed.

Now, the lesson learned here is to just pay for the apple care. I know its kinda hard when you think about the price. Almost $400 for insurance. Yay right?! But look at what happened to us. We ended up buying a new device instead of getting a replacement. So?! Get apple care!!!!

I still feel bad. It's a bummer. But like what Jason said, it's just a small bump, nothing to worry about! We are blessed, and I am grateful!!!


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Shoes... Shoes... Shoes...


I love shoes! (is there any girl who doesn't? Lol) so anyway, I bought this last week... I went shopping again today but had no time and so lazy to take pictures o my new purchases. I know huh? What's the point of telling you guys if I won't take photos an share 'Em to y'all... I will soon okay? I still got to make a review about my sigma brushes which I will very soon. I wanted to use them well and give my honest opinion about the product. But I can tell you now that I do love em!

So anyways, here are two gray shoes I got. One flat silver/gray boots and a gray sexy shoes... I bought the boots for $15.99 I believe. And the shoes for $19.99 they are on sale so I got a good deal. I promise I will upload I the pictures of the cute outfits I got.

How are you? Have you went shopping lately? Leave me a comment if you did and I will visit your blog and drool over your new goodies too


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Boo Hoo!

My little Zyon+MacBookPro+Coffee = Disaster, 20minutes crying, A trip to the Apple Store. A week or so without my laptop, and looooots and looooooots of hugs and kisses too!!!

I feel better now. I don't like accidents. But poo poo happens, oh well right?

Zyon gave me lots of hugs and kisses. I feel bad because he started feeling so bad after seeing me crying (a lot) and told him not to worry because it's an accident.

But you know who's the happiest one of all today? Jason. Because he knows that if something "major major" happened to the computer he will end up buying me a new one because we didn't purchase apple care on this one. Hee hee... So he is so thankful that it can be repaired and refurbished! Weeeeeee!!!!

I am just afraid that I will lose new pictures because I haven't done a time backup since we bought it almost 2 months ago. Boo!

I guess I'll have to reshoot with my friend for new photos! Oh well, that will be fun anyways!!! Just another excuse for another girls day out!

So for now, I will just blog using this iPod or my cellphone (Droid X) because I don't wanna use Hubby's MacBook or the family computer. (iMac) I only like using my babies... Lol!

No accidents can stop me from smiling and to not appreciate my beautiful life!

Talk to y'all later...

Stay Happy,


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Happy Halloween! 2010


Happy Halloween guys!!! 
I was so busy last week and also will be this week.
We had a blast last night. The kids had so much fun and they did so well trick or treat'ing.
They have enough candies for the next 6 months, hahahaha!!!
Hubby's costume is eclectic vampire, LOL!
I honestly don't know what he wants to be so lets just say that he's a vampire!
I decided to be a pirate. I bought accessories the last minutes but decided not to use them coz they only ended up not looking too-cute on me. So that's a waste of money from party city, NO RETURN NO EXCHANGE POLICY!!! "FINAL SALES ONLY MA'AM" Hmp!!!

Oh well! So anyways guess what I recieved in the mail today?
I got a mail from Sigma. And they sent me three (3) FREE brushes to try and review!
I am soooo excited... And will definitely let you guys know how great the product is. 
I know that it will be great, I just have no doubt! So, pictures and product review coming very soon!

I also did a photoshoot with a client last Saturday... here's one of my most favorite shot...

I hope you guys enjoyed the pictures. If you think that I look a fat pig, just please keep it to yourself okay? LOL. I know it already but it still hurts to hear from other people! haha!



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