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New Watch!!!

Went to Dillard's this afternoon for MAC's presale for their tartan collection. I just want to get the 3 sets of brushes, but I decided to wait till tomorrow.

I am starting to get concerned that I might have a spending problem. Argh, I feel like its a sin if I walk out of the mall w/o purchasing anything. Waaaaah. No, seriously....

Yup... I ended up getting a watch. I've been wanting to get a white watch. So, I listened to THE VOICE INSIDE MY HEAD. Haha... nd plus I have no desire to spend thousands of dollars for the Chanel J12. No freaking way!!! Haha, and its not like i have thousands of $$$ anyways. LOL.

I ♥♥♥ IT!!!!

Brand: Guess
Price: $115

I'm so happy about my decision. At least I didn't left the mall with more make up!

lhey :))
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