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Mother Nature's love


It's been almost 4 days when she started bottle feeding. She is doing great. We tried 3 formula milks. Her and I  like this Gerber better. She is not getting bellyache, no gas issues, and less spit-up! And she eats a lot too!!! She can finish 6ounces of milk and sometimes she even wants more! Hahaha...

So, I was dying the past 2 days from the pain from my swollen breasts...

Hubby did some research for me because I was too busy ordering goodies from sephora than to actually read about finding solutions regarding my current dillemma...

And guess what???


Yup that's right, cabbage!

And to my surprise, it does work!!!

My engorged breasts started feeling better after like what? 3-5 minutes from applying it.

It helps for the swelling and the pressure. But please know that it doesn't get rid of all the pain all at once. And I do change the cabbage every hour, I keep it chilled in the ref. And gives me relief.

I will continue this until needed...

By the way, I had a show this last Saturday and I just want to share my choice of outfit

It's fun to be an artist, because you can wear silly, fun, sexy outfits. And you can actually pull it off on stage. Maybe it's one of the reasons why I can't just say farewell to my chosen profession.

Oh and by the way we are driving this weekend to go to Fantasy Island Casino at Indio, CA for a two-night show... I've never been there so I have no idea what's waiting for us, I'm bringing the whole troop with me too. We are going on a roadtrip again!!! 

Oh and also I have a new haircut...
I will post pictures soon. And I am so excited about the goodies I ordered from sephora. Hopefully Monday I will get it in the mail and I can show you guys!!! Enjoy your weekend, and if we get free wifi in the hotel, for sure I will update you all about our adventure! Much love to everybody and have a safe and fun weekend too!


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