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I love bebe

I forgot to share that I got some goodies from bebe the other day.

I got a new purse, wallet, ring, and earings.

The purse is heart shape, very simple, classy, and cute at the same time. The wallet is kinda big for a regular bill fold. I chosed this one because I thought that if I have to go somewhere w/o the need for a purse I can just bring wallet alone and I can still keep my phone inside it.

What do you think of my new haircut? I feel 10 years younger.

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6 comments on "I love bebe"
  1. I love your purse ;) ... and super cute haircut ...


  2. I love bebe too! That heart purse is soooooo cute! Your haircut looks great too! :)

  3. The purse is so lovely! Really eye-catching!

  4. You look fantastic & nice haul :D I really like the wallet especially... huge sucker for anything studded <3

  5. It is a great buy too. I got the purse for only $98 and the wallet for $49...

  6. a friend of mine only shops at bebe, and she's one of the most stylish girls i know, i need to start shopping there! lol
    btw, that purse is so cute, reminds me of chanel


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