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I ♥ Animal Prints


I love love animal prints. I have a few of them in my closet. 
I have a stilleto, a boots, purse, bracelets, dress, skirt, earing, headband, watch, eye glasses, and a few belts.

I think the best way to wear 'em is to just use them to accent your outfit.
Like a li bit of here and there, ya know what I mean?
Well, that's only my opinion... I just don't like over doing it.

For me thats a big NO NO, when almost everything you have on has animal print.
And also if you are wearing different animal prints all in one time? Like a leopard with a zebra print?
OH BOY, please NO!!! Hahaha!!!

I even remember doing a Leopard Look inspired make up.
I have to look for pictures. (my external hard drive is somewhere I don't know!)
So anyways, let me know what your thoughts are about animal prints. and Which one is your favorite?


6 comments on "I ♥ Animal Prints"
  1. same here! i don't like overdoing it too! u totally look fierce! ;D

  2. I love animal prints too! I totally agree with you about not over doing it, so not cute! I love both leopard and zebra prints. :D

  3. I've never been able to wear it... I have a lot of freckles, so it just doesn't mix well with that... I'm more of an argyle person, but I'm also a geek...

    As for the animal look I'm not agents it. I have seen some people pull it off well.

  4. My favorite animal print would be that of the TIGER since it looks fiery and I was born in the year of the fiery Tiger.

    Oh btw, belated happy birthday to you. ^_^

  5. Hi! Thanks for follow me :) Lovely blog! And i love animal print too! oxox


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