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Halloween 2010

Here are my beautiful children. I just wanna share some from the thousand (slightly exaggeration) shots I took. Haha.

What will you be this Halloween? I still don't know what i want to be.
I still have at least 5 days to decide.

Well, if you have some make up tips. Lemme know...

lhey ♥
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5 comments on "Halloween 2010"
  1. so adorable!!!
    i have no idea what i want to be, I wanted to be lady gaga for ever but then half the world is going to be her, so i dropped it, i'll probably end up being a zebra or something

  2. Hahaha, there's a truth to that... I am thinking I should just be mother earth. Something appropriate while walking around with the kids.

  3. Cute naman ng mga bata! ganda ng costumes nila! Abangan ko costume mo! post mo ha?


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