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Here's another Hobby that I really enjoy doing... I couldn't fall asleep just yet so I thought of doing a simple project. Here's my eldest, Jazzle. She is such a beautiful girl inside and out. We have our normal struggles because I think she's in that phase, a stage that we've all been once in our life. But other than that? She has a beautiful heart, and I have no doubt that one day she will be an amazing, spectacular lady! :))


5 comments on "Digital Scrapbooking"
  1. You have a very lovely daughter and the effect on her pic is really nice. How old is your daughter btw? :)

    Digital scrapbooking also seems a lot of fun. I hope I can try it sometime.

  2. She is 9 will turn 10 on January, Thanks for the compliment. you should try it too! it's fun!!! :))

  3. Wow she's just like you! It's innate in her to pose with sophistication! ;D It's so sweet of you to do this for her! :D I know she'll grow up well! :D

  4. oh thank you doll, I have no doubt too. But I will cry a lot more hahaha, she is not even a teenager yet. LOL! We've all been through stages in life! Hugggss!!! xoxo!!!

  5. What a cutie Jazz!!You don't look like having a 9 year old daughter--gorgeous mom!^_^


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