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Chances are...

I never thought that these words will ever come out of my mouth.
I don't think I believe in "everything happens for a reason" Anymore.
I feel like, it is a chain reaction. From one choice to another... 
So it all comes back to your decison making.
I agree. Life is not always easy, also it's a matter of how we actually look at things.
Are we full of negativity?or we fill our lives with joy and positive vibes???
CHANCES are? BIG BIG BIG!!! Only if we have lots of hope and a strong faith.

Good, amazing things will come your way.
Think of it, speak it, do something about it.
Dream it, Make it, Claim it, then Enjoy it...
and most importantly share it...

Just blibber-blabbering here...
much love to all of ya!

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