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Haute and Naughty Mac Mascara


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Okay, my most awaited mascara. 

Do I love it? NO.
But I still love MAC of course. 
I am not happy with the result that I am getting from this product.
And to be honest with you, I like Cover Girl's Lash blast better 

I should've known better because I've never liked MAC's mascara from the first day I've ever tried it. 
Oh well, but I thought i'd give it a shot. 

I love the packaging. I love the purple and the hot pink.
and I love the glittery part of it.

Others think that this mascara has two brush.
The answer is NO it doesn't, It only has one brush, but two (2) different ways on how you can apply it.

If you open it from the pink lid, it will give you lesser product for a cleaner look, 
they said that with this brush it will give you longer lashes.

And the 2nd way to use it is when you open it from the glittery purple lid.
This time it will give you A LOT of product.
I DO NOT like it!!! The first time I used it? I was really disappointed.

But who knows, maybe I didn't apply it the right way.
You should go and check it yourself, 
Visit any of your local MAC store and try it out.
Tell me how you like 'em.


"Again, this review is only based on my personal taste and experience by testing the product itself."

1 comment on "Haute and Naughty Mac Mascara"
  1. I hear so many things about Cover Girl lash blast. I am really tempted to try it.


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