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Diet and Breast feeding


I think it all differ with different body types.  It all depends on your body, your food choices, your activity level, and your metabolism. If you are active or not, or if you eat bad (like me) or you eat smart! 

The best plan is to try and lose the weight gradually. Count on taking ten months to a year to return to your pre-pregnancy weight. My baby is almost 4 months 6 days from today and I feel like I still have to lose 20 more pounds.
And  I heard that I shouldn't think about trying to lose weight by dieting until two months  or more after your baby is born. A reduced-calorie diet in the first couple of months could zap our energy and hurt our milk supply which I think is the case for me now. I think my baby is getting less milk. 
Although in other cases, Other mom's can safely lose 1.5 pounds per week by combining a healthy diet with moderate exercise. Losing weight more rapidly than this can pose a danger to your baby because rapid weight loss releases toxins that are normally stored in your body fat into the bloodstream – and into your milk. 
A sudden, large drop in your calorie intake can affect your milk supply – so don't do any one-day diets for quick weight loss! If you're losing more than 1.5 pounds a week after the first six weeks, you need to take in more calories.
I remember actually trying to lose the weight by not eating a lot, But I noticed myself getting more hungry so often. It just makes sense because our body is working round the clock to produce our baby some milk. 

So, I made a decision. I will not starve myself just for the sake of losing weight, I have a beautiful baby to think about before I think about trying to look good. I feel good about myself anyways. I may not be at my best yet, but I know that I will get there. I just have to make some few changes on my diet. I will start eating smart and make sure that the food that I am putting in my body will be good for me and my baby. 

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  1. Tama ka dyan! Mas maganda nga yung unti unti ang pag lose ng weight kesa mabilisan at wag mamadaliin. Pag biglaan kasi minsan parang natutuyot yung tao dahil sa bilis ng weight loss tapos madali din namang bumalik yung na lose mo na.


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