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Watch Out For My Review!

I started using my free set today, So After a week I will let you guys know what I think Okay?

I use the proactive, but I am going to try these Arbonne Products for a week.
Then I shall give my honest review about the whole set.
Thanks Nicole for my Samples!

Lhey :)
3 comments on "Watch Out For My Review!"
  1. This is interesting...but I would like to know if they have eye cream that could get rid of fine lines if not at least make them few. Yesterday while I was at Landmark, this girl asked me if I wanted to try their whitening creams, I told her that I don't need to be white, I need to lose wrinkles lol!

  2. Yes they do. I am using their eye cream too. Early prevention is not z bad idea. When should I start right? When its too late already? So, check out Arbonne products i heard so many great things about them.

  3. so right --prevention is better than cure :)

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