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Family day

Like how Zyon would say it...

"We Had a good day today!"

We ate at this restaurant called bruffs, and to my surprise, they make the best hamburger, I think the best I've ever tasted... Yes, better than spongebob's Krabby Patty. It was very yummy indeed.


Thank goodness it wasn't very hot and humid yesterday or I could have died. Lol. The whole place is packed. Parents, grandparents, teenagers, and children.

You will see different types of parents in a place like that. Some looked like they didn't even wanna be there. Some Did a very great job pretending like they were having fun too, some are on the phone taking, texting, tweeting, and some were just like us, active... Loud... And purely enjoying.

When you're a mother, you feel for your children, well I guess what I'm trying to say is that when Jazz wanted to go on one ride that I thought was scary myself, my heart immediately went boom boom pow!

There is that 90% percent chance that a mom always overreact to some things, hey we can't help it. Oh But, yes, she still went. And I was very proud of her. I thought she will get scared in the middle of the ride that I would end up tackling the mister in charge, but she didn't. Bravely she enjoyed the "CLIFF HANGER"

Zy man, oh my young man...
He had fun...
I think the toys, the prizes, and the kids around entertained Him equally as the rides itself.

Again there's that 90% chance that I was just taking about? My heart didn't really went boom boom pow this time. I just went crazy on taking pictures like lady gaga's paparazzi.

Just to make sure that he won't get scared, his first ride was with his big sister first.

and after that? My wildman is born...

I am glad that the kids had so much fun... Jason and I were the loudest, craziest, parents there. We are the best cheerleaders there is.

Oh and I won't tell you that I got so scared going on that big giant slide, that my little boy Zyon had to assure mommy that everything's going to be just fine, lol.

We ended our evening doing our late celebration for baby Raine's 2nd month birthday.

I have a lovely, very happy family.
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