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Pieces of Me

I could never ask for more... I am blessed far beyond my needs and more than I have ever imagined. God has been so good to me. He sent me 3 angels... He gave me the most amazing kids any mother could ever asked for. They are beautiful more than the eyes can see. They are precious than any stone ever discovered in this planet. They are rare. Specially crafted by our Creator.

It's amazing when you have 3 kids, I can see pieces of me in them. Everyday We just keep painting life together. It's like a soap opera, like the days of our lives... There's mess all over the place, toys, books, pencils and markers. There's action... Fighting and shouting. There's drama... Crying and whining. But each and every day is special. It's all about US. Our life, Our family.

I know the day will come when they will have their own lives, own friends, and maybe even their own family. But until then, let them need me more, let them always want momma's attention. I will always be here for them until the time where they won't need me much anymore... When they'll be home maybe only for holidays? Birthdays? And emergencies. Sad but might be true...

Please Let me enjoy them more. If only life is like a movie where you can hit the pause and play button, I will chose for them to stay as my babies... Mommy's little ones!


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2 comments on "Pieces of Me"
  1. The plea of a mom. Such beautiful post you have here.

    Thanks for being my friends list. Let me be one of yours too :)

  2. Bloggeristas, how does it work? I am interested to know more about it.

    Will wait for your answer. Thanks


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