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Now that the world around me remains so still, my fears and thoughts are keeping me awake....

Sometimes I wish my past would just disappear, but leave the good ones behind. I know I always share that I have no regrets, and I mean it every time I say it. But today, let me be human for a moment. Let me feel all my disappointments, for it does make me stronger in the end. Let tears roll down my face because each tear that falls builds the superwoman in me. I guess I'm still weak after all, but I am a survivor. A living proof that true love can stand to any test. Perseverance and faith are the key for me.

Let me just be reminded...

Happiness is not a place, it's a state of mind where you put your self into... You balance your emotions. You are much stronger than what you think you are. In your heart you carry a dream and for that dream to become a reality? You should build a strong foundation. A wall. A strong and stable driving force OF (not with) lots of LOVE and FAITH. And that my friend should keep you going through life. Face every battle with a kind heart and the sweetest smile. You'll always come up as a winner!

More than anything I learned and will probably have to keep on learning that I'm only human, but a damn strong one... The fact that we are humans shouldn't give us an excuse to get weak, that is just a silly phrase, or words to a song. Our thoughts are a lot stronger than what we imagine. Live your dream everyday. I will...

Whatever worries I had earlier are now gone. Although it took me awhile and had to go through a lot of circles in my head, still I did it. I took over my emotions, and won the fight... I'm a champ, you know why? because I am a mom.

They keep me away from any anxieties. They make me stronger, and for that I am grateful, and will show them my appreciation by being the best mother that I can be. They deserve nothing less...


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3 comments on "Circles..."
  1. Nice blog post! Yeah! Happiness is a state of mind. If we keep being burdened with sad thoughts and problems then we could never be happy.

  2. aww, i love this. i totally agree. just because were woman, doesn't mean we have to be weak;D Girl Power!

    btw, i am now a new follower. come check it out and maybe follow me too? :D


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