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My poor feet


For the last 12 years of my life all I wore is high heeled shoes when performing/on stage, and even to just do some running around errands... But now? After what? Almost a year of not wearing them, poor me lost my balance and posture when wearing 'em! I am sad. I feel good every time I wear stilletos, I feel pretty when I have one on! I feel taller and more like a princess... *sigh*

I should practice again... I will put 'em on even I'm just at home... just because!!! I should, and I shall.

Do you like wearing stilletos/high heels too? Lemme know your thoughts about this...

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2 comments on "My poor feet"
  1. I do love stilletos, too. It makes me feel sexier. I guess it's because if you're wearing high heels, good posture follows. ;)

  2. as much as I wanted to enjoy wearing heels/stilettos but they drive me nuts sometimes, I am careless so I always trip over lol!


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