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My amazing relationship


I don't want to bore you with my cheesy melodrama love life. But I can't help not to blog about how amazing it is. Gosh, just to think about the hell I had to go through in the past... And now to actually have someone so amazing? Its a miracle. Haha.

There's nothing that happened today that is fancy or special. It was just like any other ordinary day for us. But we can turn an ordinary day to something great by simply chatting... Sharing ideas, sharing our thoughts, dreams for our kids, for their future, And OUR future.
We are so in love. We share a special love that not everyone is blessed with. Its an unselfish love. Its a love that is built with respect, trust, and dreams... It may not be perfect. But its "us" It is Him and I.

That's what makes it so good...

Lhey ;)

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