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Look at me!


She will be 2mos in 2days. She's more active now. She talks more. Her coo-coo's and aahh's. She's so cute... And we call her a wiggle worm because she moves alot. I don't trust pillows to protect her from accidentally falling. She can hold her up now for a long time. Although its not news for us anymore because she did held her up during her first 5 minutes in this world.

Our friends in Vegas are all so excited to meet her, and its gonna be anytime soon. We will drive there next week. Changed our plans... Instead of driving tonight we will leave Thursday. J still has some work in the bar to get done before we go.

I know people will think that we are crazy for moving to Vegas without anything. No apartment. No furnitures or appliances. We are leaving our beautiful house and our beautiful lake home here in Kansas. But me and J knows that this will be the best for us. We are actually gonna live and not just go through motions. We feel like we have more energy when we were in Vegas before. This will be another exciting chapter of our lives. New pages of our book will be filled with laughters and lots of love. I am excited about life again. We are... How about you? Are you living your life to the fullest too?

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3 comments on "Look at me!"
  1. Parang kelan lang nung iniluwal mo sya at eto 2 months na pala sya! Ang bilis talaga ng panahon.

  2. she's so mother like daughter...


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