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Yesterday we went to see Eclipse The whole gang is with me. My original plan was to go by myself but there were 2 scheduled showing of the house yesterday so we just decided to all go besides Jazzle didn't want to go the park because she said she's hot... . Well speaking of hotness... Who thought that a werewolf could look so hot? Yay!!! Team Jacob!!!

He is a good looking boy... Oh man I feel old, well compared to him I am old. I'm 27 and how old is he? Agh who knows all I know is he is a cutie!

Raine slept the whole time when were inside the theatre she was a good girl. I am glad she didn't cry cause I didn't really wanna get up and missed parts of the movie. I remember those times with Zy man, he would get so fussy and start crying and would not want to stop, So we always end up outside and Me missing most of the movie Well, I'm sure when Raine gets a little bigger, she will have her days too

All in all the movie was great, I am not a big fan of Bella. Hehe. Maybe because I like Jacob for

In the car when we are on our way home, I was tweeting about the movie and how much of a Team Jacob I am. Apparently Ms. Jazzle on my back was reading my tweet and her excuse was "Well if the rest of the world can read it, I don't see any reason why I can't!" hmmm, what do you say after that? Lol!

So she asked me, if I have a crush on Jacob and I said yes....know what my husband did? He took off his shirt and asked "Hey how 'bout me huh? I'm a hunka-hunka burning looooove!"

Hahahahaha, oh my golly we are laughing so hard, he is the biggest goof ball ever! (I love him soooo darn much!) but I'm surprised he didn't do a werewolf sound though "Awooooooo!" But it is I that should have done that after he took off his shirt, oh well next time haha!!!

The movie was great ... Have fun watching!!!!


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