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Choices we make

I believe that life is all about choices... The past choice is the result of our today. And the present ones that we make, may be a result of our indefinite tomorrow. I myself have done numerous mistakes in my past, some of it are not even welcome anymore on my mind, But....They made me who I am. Every little thing I've done. They created the "ME" that I am now.

Sometimes I still wonder if everyone thinks like I do. Probably not...but there's a chance that maybe YES. I control my emotions thru my mind. I believe that it's just all in my head...again it leaves me back to the choices that I make. What you plant is what you harvest... Karma? Golden Rule? I believe in those. I believe that it's like a chain reaction... If I share goodness, Goodness is what I will receive.
I choose to surround myself with positive energy, Only kindness and love. And It works very well for me!

Life is great, but it wasn't always like this though. I was once unfortunate. I had my fair share in life, but I finally got my reward... A prince charming in real life... An amazing man, My soulmate. And I meant it, every time I say it! it's like Jerry Maguire's line "You complete me!" hehe cheesy!!!

I am happy. And this is my choice. A result of every action and every energy I put out in this universe...

Thank you life... Thank you so much for always loving me back...


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