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To blog? Or not to blog?


Thunder and Lightning Outside, Another Storm in Spring... I Don't like it a bit.

Why do I blog? Why? I'ts actually more for "ME" than for you, I don't even know if anyone's there? Give me a sign? LOL.

I guess blogging gives me a different sense of joy, its like talking to a virtual best friend, someone that's is such a great listener, never complaints, never argues, never judge, Just someone with open ears, heart, and arms for me. Its also a great way to release my stress or all of my overwhelming happiness from my every-busy-day life of being a mommy.

I guess not having a best-friend around, or a brother or a sister close to me gives me more reason to blog. I also need to vent ya know? My 3 year old son for sure will not enjoy listening to my whining-ass every day, or even my 9 year old daughter will not give me even a minute to share my exhaustion or listen to my excitement over a new phone or over some silly things that matters to an adult.

I ♥ to Blog.

Thanks for listening again my friend...
Till my next post! Mwah!!! :-)

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