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Isn't it Ironic?

Sitting in the Patio and sipping our hot coffee. Jason and I were having conversation on how fortunate I am and the kids to have such beautiful skin tone.

Ironically, most americans spend time, money, and effort to get a tanned or brown looking skin, and Filipinos in the Philippines spend the same time, money, and effort to get a white, red glow, skin. Isn't that IRONIC?

Sad but true, that in the Philippines, if you don't have a white pale skin, you aren't as pretty. Even if you own a beautiful pair of eyes, a perfect looking nose and a pretty pout, if you're not light? YOU are average! Actresses and Models, spend so much money going to the spa, getting their skin bleached, and they spend so much money for whitening pills. Well at least they are fortunate enough to afford it. But for the average joe who doesn't have the means to do it? Ends up feeling insecure about their physical appearance. Sad but true...

On the other side of the world... Americans spend money, time, and effort for self-tanning lotions, bronzers, and for the fortunate ones? They even have their own tanning bed. Or some just go to a tanning salon like my Jason. I guess that's how the world goes...

For brunettes they wanna be blondes...
For brown eyes they wear contacts to have a lighter shade...
For flat chests they do breast augmentation,
For big boobies, they go get it reduced...
And I could go on and on forever...

I have flaws too, it took some time for me to embrace some of them.
And I'm still working on the others!
But I think having the right partner that makes you feel beautiful every day of your lives really helps a lot. It boosts your self confidence...
It helps you to feel secure and loved!

Well, just blibber-blabbering here...

Just Saying,
Lhey ♥
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