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I miss them...

Sitting alone in the patio.
Whole family is upstairs.

Just thinking about my family.
My brother and sisters,
My nieces and nephews,
My aunts and uncles,
And my father...

I miss our simple life,
I miss all the laughters...
The silliest jokes..
The fun,
The misunderstandings.
The arguements.
The confrontations.
The tears.
Our life.
I miss them...

I hope my sisters are happy.
I wish I can share my happiness w/ them.
I wish I can tell them when I'm frustrated
When I'm not in the mood
I wish I can be silly again with them,
Take them shopping
Eat out
Watch a movie
Or just talk...
I miss our conversation
That no one else hears...
I miss our heart speaking to each other
The silent cry
The nods
Questioning where? and why?
How time goes by...
I miss them lots, I miss them so!

My nieces that I grew up with
They are my best-friends and my first babies...
I share them my failures, my success,
And my highs and lows.
Its not for them to follow,
But just to show an example.
That I am alive.
I lived my life.
I've been through hell and back
But I stood up
And fight.
I never gave up.
Never cared what the world may think about me.
I always have that "f*ck you" attitude,
I never lost hope,
And I didn't let nobody let me down,
I came out as a winner.
And that's what I see in them now!
They are my champions!
My darling beautiful ones...

Families are the best,
It doesn't matter how far I've traveled
Or how well I've become,
They are my inspiration,
My heart aches for them
I miss them soooo much!
If only magic is real,
In a snap, I'm outta here!

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