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For a great Man


Dear J,

     There's not a day where I don't thank God for blessing me with such an amazing man. I might have done something good in my life to deserve someone as good as you. The moment I laid eyes on you, for some crazy reason I knew you were the one. I had a very interesting life. Been through hell and  back. I've cried enough. and I paid my dues. I honestly do believe that you are life's gift to me. And I am grateful every day. 

      You are not just a good man baby. You are a good friend and a great confidante. But most importantly... YOU ARE THE BEST FATHER. Our kids are very fortunate to have you as their friend and dad. You bring out the best in them. You treat them with out most respect and you teach them values with softness and kindness. You are the best ROLE MODEL for them. And I want you to know that YES, they look  up to you. And I am glad that they do. 

For loving them...
For spending time with them
and letting them be little kids...

For Allowing them to express themselves 
and Learning life lessons with them.

For all the memories that we make every single day,
Everything is carefully painted in my heart and mind.

For teaching them Kindness. 
And for being such a great example...

For providing them shelter, food, and every little material things that is often times not-so-necessary. 

For being their best friend and sometimes entertainment.

For making them laugh,
and for simply just giving them attention.

And most importantly, For Jazzle and Zyon,
Thank you for loving them as if they are your own.
For giving them a "family" that they deserve.....

 You Love them...

You Respect Them...

You Will do everything for them...

You Are the best Father.

Their Hero,

Their Dad...

I promise to be the best partner in everything. I will give you my support, my trust, and undying love. And at the end of every day I will make sure that Respect is given to you because it is very well-deserved. I love you Jason. You make me happy. I am very happy with you and our children... I hope I'm doing a great job as your wife. And I intend to get better and better until my last breath. I love you with all my heart. HAPPY FATHERS DAY!

Always and Forever,

5 comments on "For a great Man"
  1. aww! how blessed you are for having such a great husband and a father to your kids! :D happy father's day! God bless! :)

  2. happy father's day to ur husband.. :) you are so blessed and im sure, ur husband is too.. :)) keep safe.. :)

  3. Thank You sooo much Ladies. Yes, Truly I am blessed...

  4. Ang sweet naman and so touching! You are super blessed at you deserve it. LOve the sweet pics! belated happy father's day to your hubby!

  5. Hi. Thanks for visiting my blog. I am flattered. But just had to tell you how your 'open' loveletters touch my heart. Ever so often when I read your posts (in particular, those which are for your J), I marvel at your wisdom, at your passion, at your gift. It's a joy to meet someone who radiates so much love and happiness. Your ardor is contagious.


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