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1st Visit


We went to our first's doctor's appointment this morning. All went very well. My little angel has gained a little weight. So from 7.14 she now weighs 8.9lbs and from being 20inches tall, she is now an inch and a half taller. (21 and half)

I really do like her doctor "Dr. Douglas Brookes" Jason and I are all about energy, and this man has a certain kindness in him even before he starts to open his mouth to speak. We also like how he communicates, very soft and full of kindness, Perfect for us, just like the way we wanted.

He said we have a very healthy looking baby. He also asked me to just continue with what I'm doing. Breast feeding and all. And everything will all be okay.

Raine was so great this morning. She didn't even cry the whole time the doctor was checking her. Well, but I also made sure that she has a full belly so that she'll be a happy camper. My eldest daughter Jazz was our official photographer, she made sure we had enough pictures for our future project... A Scrapbook for baby Raine. Thanks "ate" (oldest sister)

After the doctor's visit, daddy wanted to feed us and so off to Dennys we went. Pancakes... Yummy!!!

Day went perfect. A little activity in the park in the afternoon, a yummy dinner, and a little movie time with Zyon and Dad. I ♥ my family. I live for them.

How 'bout you? How was your day?


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