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1 month old

We are 1 month old today. It's been a month since our little angel arrived. How are we? PERFECT. Life is good to us, very minor difficulties but I still look at life with full blast of positivity.

Raine is getting some baby acne and at first it bothered me, but i did some research that it's normal and it should go away soon...

They exhaust me sometimes, only because they are kids and they are doing perfect what they are supposed to do. Lots of shouting, crying, fighting, its okay, coz they get lots of time-out's too...

I know he stresses sometimes but he doesn't want me and the kids to feel it. We also both agreed that we should schedule our "Mommy & Daddy" time hee hee... Maybe a year from now? Oh man... Haha!!!

I'll posts some pictures when we get back to our home in Kansas City, our internet connection here in our Lake house is not the very best. And I dont wanna waste my precious time just to wait for the files too load. So that can wait! Alright guys, that's all for now. I'll talk to y'all later...

3 comments on "1 month old"
  1. All worth it naman kahit minsan na e exhaust ang byuti mo! Gaganda ng mga anak mo kahit makukulit. hehehe!

  2. Your baby is already 1 month old? That's great! As the days come by, your baby's kakulitan will surely come out.

  3. ay naku I cant wait for her kakulitan, im sure there'll be more *hair-pulling* action for me in the near future, LOL!


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