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Hello guys, I just downloaded an app from iTunes and I wanna try it out... So when the kids are busy playing with their games on the computer and Zyon on my laptop I can still blog. Pretty cool...

Talk to y'all again later!


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1 month old Baby Raine


I don't think she liked our birthday song, haha!!!
I can't believe it's been a month now.

"Happy Birthday my Baby Raine"

We love you!!!!


Qik - nokia n900 by Lhey Bella


1 month old

We are 1 month old today. It's been a month since our little angel arrived. How are we? PERFECT. Life is good to us, very minor difficulties but I still look at life with full blast of positivity.

Raine is getting some baby acne and at first it bothered me, but i did some research that it's normal and it should go away soon...

They exhaust me sometimes, only because they are kids and they are doing perfect what they are supposed to do. Lots of shouting, crying, fighting, its okay, coz they get lots of time-out's too...

I know he stresses sometimes but he doesn't want me and the kids to feel it. We also both agreed that we should schedule our "Mommy & Daddy" time hee hee... Maybe a year from now? Oh man... Haha!!!

I'll posts some pictures when we get back to our home in Kansas City, our internet connection here in our Lake house is not the very best. And I dont wanna waste my precious time just to wait for the files too load. So that can wait! Alright guys, that's all for now. I'll talk to y'all later...


Tell me to stop

I think I am addicted in changing my blogger templates. Well, I guess its just that I can't find the best one to suite my personal. How I wish I know how to design my own. But I just have to find contentment in pre-made free ones! I wonder how long will this cowgirl template last me?

Till tom probably, haha! Oh well...
I'm having fun doing it anyways.


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For a great Man


Dear J,

     There's not a day where I don't thank God for blessing me with such an amazing man. I might have done something good in my life to deserve someone as good as you. The moment I laid eyes on you, for some crazy reason I knew you were the one. I had a very interesting life. Been through hell and  back. I've cried enough. and I paid my dues. I honestly do believe that you are life's gift to me. And I am grateful every day. 

      You are not just a good man baby. You are a good friend and a great confidante. But most importantly... YOU ARE THE BEST FATHER. Our kids are very fortunate to have you as their friend and dad. You bring out the best in them. You treat them with out most respect and you teach them values with softness and kindness. You are the best ROLE MODEL for them. And I want you to know that YES, they look  up to you. And I am glad that they do. 

For loving them...
For spending time with them
and letting them be little kids...

For Allowing them to express themselves 
and Learning life lessons with them.

For all the memories that we make every single day,
Everything is carefully painted in my heart and mind.

For teaching them Kindness. 
And for being such a great example...

For providing them shelter, food, and every little material things that is often times not-so-necessary. 

For being their best friend and sometimes entertainment.

For making them laugh,
and for simply just giving them attention.

And most importantly, For Jazzle and Zyon,
Thank you for loving them as if they are your own.
For giving them a "family" that they deserve.....

 You Love them...

You Respect Them...

You Will do everything for them...

You Are the best Father.

Their Hero,

Their Dad...

I promise to be the best partner in everything. I will give you my support, my trust, and undying love. And at the end of every day I will make sure that Respect is given to you because it is very well-deserved. I love you Jason. You make me happy. I am very happy with you and our children... I hope I'm doing a great job as your wife. And I intend to get better and better until my last breath. I love you with all my heart. HAPPY FATHERS DAY!

Always and Forever,

Thanks proactive!


I used to can't go out of the house w/o using foundation on my skin... But look at me now? W/o a drop of foundation! No powder or what. Just a liner and a cheek stain. I love love my skin now, thanks to proactive. It worked wonder!

Although I never had a bad case of acne but I would still break out every once in a while, but now? Not a single pimple on my face. Amazing. I love it!!! :)

And also now I never sleep with make-up on. And I used to do that before more often than not. Trust me, its not good. No matter how tired you are... If you want a flawless looking skin, take good care of yourself, it pays off...


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Hmmm.... I saw this picture of mine last year before I got pregnant. It's so cool. I'm missing my hair too...

What do you think? Should I cut my hair this short again?

She's Growing

She's 21 days old today.

Time, please be my friend...
She's growing up so fast, Slow down precious time...
Be nice to me.


1st Visit


We went to our first's doctor's appointment this morning. All went very well. My little angel has gained a little weight. So from 7.14 she now weighs 8.9lbs and from being 20inches tall, she is now an inch and a half taller. (21 and half)

I really do like her doctor "Dr. Douglas Brookes" Jason and I are all about energy, and this man has a certain kindness in him even before he starts to open his mouth to speak. We also like how he communicates, very soft and full of kindness, Perfect for us, just like the way we wanted.

He said we have a very healthy looking baby. He also asked me to just continue with what I'm doing. Breast feeding and all. And everything will all be okay.

Raine was so great this morning. She didn't even cry the whole time the doctor was checking her. Well, but I also made sure that she has a full belly so that she'll be a happy camper. My eldest daughter Jazz was our official photographer, she made sure we had enough pictures for our future project... A Scrapbook for baby Raine. Thanks "ate" (oldest sister)

After the doctor's visit, daddy wanted to feed us and so off to Dennys we went. Pancakes... Yummy!!!

Day went perfect. A little activity in the park in the afternoon, a yummy dinner, and a little movie time with Zyon and Dad. I ♥ my family. I live for them.

How 'bout you? How was your day?


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To blog? Or not to blog?


Thunder and Lightning Outside, Another Storm in Spring... I Don't like it a bit.

Why do I blog? Why? I'ts actually more for "ME" than for you, I don't even know if anyone's there? Give me a sign? LOL.

I guess blogging gives me a different sense of joy, its like talking to a virtual best friend, someone that's is such a great listener, never complaints, never argues, never judge, Just someone with open ears, heart, and arms for me. Its also a great way to release my stress or all of my overwhelming happiness from my every-busy-day life of being a mommy.

I guess not having a best-friend around, or a brother or a sister close to me gives me more reason to blog. I also need to vent ya know? My 3 year old son for sure will not enjoy listening to my whining-ass every day, or even my 9 year old daughter will not give me even a minute to share my exhaustion or listen to my excitement over a new phone or over some silly things that matters to an adult.

I ♥ to Blog.

Thanks for listening again my friend...
Till my next post! Mwah!!! :-)

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I'm ready for my close-up


This is my after-the-baby look...

I have a loooong ways to go, but I'm happy on what I see every time I look into the mirror. I feel like singing the OST from Disne's Princess and the Frog "I'm almost there!" Now I question myself if that's really the title, LOL!

We have a wedding to attend to tom. I have no problem fitting on my clothes but my boobies are gonna attract too much attention if I were my old clothes, so we have to go shopping later for me and the kids for some new outfits! *fun fun fun*

I haven't weighed myself yet, but just by looking I'm gonna say I weigh around 128... More pounds to go... Summer? I'm ready for yah! Oh Mr. Director? I'm ready for my close-up!

Lhey ♥
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2 weeks


Wow, 2 weeks just flew us by. What happened?
Our sweet angel is very healthy and bigger.
2 weeks...
Well, I had nights where I had some difficulty breast feeding,
but now, I say "bye-bye" to those torturing nights.
My boobies are now used to the pain,
it's always the 1st latch is the one that hurts the most,
 but after a while,  Its just getting used to.

I lost like half of the weight I gained,
I didn't gained very much with this pregnancy which i'm very grateful of.
WATER helps a lot...
in losing the weight and just to feel great and refreshed.
I have a flat belly again! Yey!
Now it's all about toning it.
I know my ABS are there somewhere, I just have to find them, LOL!

I can't wait till 6 weeks where I can start going to the gym
and do my home-routine workouts...
I want to go swimming every day and practice my breathing,
I sometimes feel like I don't know how to sing anymore, YAY!
I have to move quick, I know, I forgot most of my singing techniques
but i'm sure i'll figure it out in no time.

So that was my life within the last 2 weeks,
I am Happy! Content! And I Said bye-bye to the Belly already!!! 


I want this...


No further words needed to explain why?!

I'm sold. 
Now, it's just a matter of buying it and making it a reality.

Sweetheart? Belated happy Mama's day for me and Half-Happy Birthday?


12 days Old


Today she's 12 days old...
Wow, how time flies, it seems like it was just yesterday when I had her. Amazing.

We went to the mall yesterday, it's my first time to get out of the house since I gave birth.
Didn't miss it at all.

I didn't even go inside my favorite stores like bebe, juicy, marciano and forever XXI. I wanted to lose more weight first before I start going shopping...

Well, I got lots of compliments from strangers, that made me feel good. They said I look fabulous for a new mommy again who gave birth 11days ago.

But of course, the kids got more compliments than me and jason, that's a given. We have beautiful kids...

No plans for today, just stay home and be happy.

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I miss them...

Sitting alone in the patio.
Whole family is upstairs.

Just thinking about my family.
My brother and sisters,
My nieces and nephews,
My aunts and uncles,
And my father...

I miss our simple life,
I miss all the laughters...
The silliest jokes..
The fun,
The misunderstandings.
The arguements.
The confrontations.
The tears.
Our life.
I miss them...

I hope my sisters are happy.
I wish I can share my happiness w/ them.
I wish I can tell them when I'm frustrated
When I'm not in the mood
I wish I can be silly again with them,
Take them shopping
Eat out
Watch a movie
Or just talk...
I miss our conversation
That no one else hears...
I miss our heart speaking to each other
The silent cry
The nods
Questioning where? and why?
How time goes by...
I miss them lots, I miss them so!

My nieces that I grew up with
They are my best-friends and my first babies...
I share them my failures, my success,
And my highs and lows.
Its not for them to follow,
But just to show an example.
That I am alive.
I lived my life.
I've been through hell and back
But I stood up
And fight.
I never gave up.
Never cared what the world may think about me.
I always have that "f*ck you" attitude,
I never lost hope,
And I didn't let nobody let me down,
I came out as a winner.
And that's what I see in them now!
They are my champions!
My darling beautiful ones...

Families are the best,
It doesn't matter how far I've traveled
Or how well I've become,
They are my inspiration,
My heart aches for them
I miss them soooo much!
If only magic is real,
In a snap, I'm outta here!

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Isn't it Ironic?

Sitting in the Patio and sipping our hot coffee. Jason and I were having conversation on how fortunate I am and the kids to have such beautiful skin tone.

Ironically, most americans spend time, money, and effort to get a tanned or brown looking skin, and Filipinos in the Philippines spend the same time, money, and effort to get a white, red glow, skin. Isn't that IRONIC?

Sad but true, that in the Philippines, if you don't have a white pale skin, you aren't as pretty. Even if you own a beautiful pair of eyes, a perfect looking nose and a pretty pout, if you're not light? YOU are average! Actresses and Models, spend so much money going to the spa, getting their skin bleached, and they spend so much money for whitening pills. Well at least they are fortunate enough to afford it. But for the average joe who doesn't have the means to do it? Ends up feeling insecure about their physical appearance. Sad but true...

On the other side of the world... Americans spend money, time, and effort for self-tanning lotions, bronzers, and for the fortunate ones? They even have their own tanning bed. Or some just go to a tanning salon like my Jason. I guess that's how the world goes...

For brunettes they wanna be blondes...
For brown eyes they wear contacts to have a lighter shade...
For flat chests they do breast augmentation,
For big boobies, they go get it reduced...
And I could go on and on forever...

I have flaws too, it took some time for me to embrace some of them.
And I'm still working on the others!
But I think having the right partner that makes you feel beautiful every day of your lives really helps a lot. It boosts your self confidence...
It helps you to feel secure and loved!

Well, just blibber-blabbering here...

Just Saying,
Lhey ♥
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Capital "C"

Capital "C" for CONCEALER

This is my best friend...

Waking up every 2 hours is so  not eye-bags friendly...
You can probably fold the bags under my eyes. LOL.

I personally like to fix myself even when i'm just at home,
I can't stand looking at myself not made.
I need to please myself first, feel good about myself,
and definitely EYE BAGS are a NO NO!

So I personally like to use this... product. 


A lightweight, creamy, discreetly opaque concealer. Provides a smooth, long-wearing invisible coverage for all skin blemishes. Water-resistant, fragrance-free and non-acnegenic. This emollient-based, lightweight concealer is so concentrated that a tiny amount can provide opaque coverage of the skin's imperfections and discolourations. It effectively covers dark circles, blemishes, moles, tattoos and birthmarks. Enriched with antioxidants (derivatives of Vitamin A and Vitamin E), it also contains Silica to help adsorb the skin's oils. Concealer has an SPF of 35 and is available in a wide range of colours. It can be applied with a medium to firm fiber brush (try the 242 Brush), a latex sponge, or the fingertips.



Milk Lady Mommy


Hi there, how's everyone doing so far?
Well, for us, we are adjusting very well with our new angel.
My breast feeding dilemma is much better now,
my boobies have also adjusted well, LOL!

It's been 6 days, and it still feels like it was just yesterday 
that i'm still a cranky pregnant lady complaining about not starting into labor yet, yay!
And now she's here and bringing us significant amount of joy everyday.


Jazz and Zyon are such good big sister and brother to baby Raine.
They are actually fighting over Raine's attention, haha!
Zyon's being a lil bit selfish and not wanting to share Baby Raine to her older sister
He said "Stop Jazz! she's my baby Raine!" soooo cute! 
of course, definitely not cute to Jazz
"That's not fair Mom!

"Sweetheart, she's getting prettier every day!"
That is daddy's favorite phrase.
He is in love with his daughter.
Coming from a man who thinks all new born are just not very cute
that's a big deal. 

He is the perfect partner, he tries to stay awake with me,
Although I always ask him to go back to sleep because mommy's got everything under control.

Life is so easy and could never be any better.
I love mommy duties and I am so blessed to have a perfect family...

Who said having a new born is a pain in the ass?
I can't believe how some mother can't stop complaining about mommy duties and 
not happy with their lives... It's the hormones I guess?

Well, who knows? maybe one day my blogs would be full of whining too...
hope not! *crossing fingers*


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