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Patiently waiting?

So, midwife was here yesterday for a visit.

What's the Update?
Guess what? She said I am 3cm dilated and 60% effaced.
At first I got excited. After she checked me I started getting more irregular contractions.
And then this morning while sipping my coffee, I had to make some research.

Why did I have to do that for? Now what I read didn't help me at all to make me feel better.

I heard so many stories that they were stuck being 3cm dilated for 2 weeks to a month!
waaaaaaaah! I can't take this anymore, I really want to feel normal again!

My body is really tired and already giving up on me.

Well, my midwife also shared that this is my 3rd baby and that she thinks I might have it on/or before Monday. So I guess all I have to do again is to just wait. More waiting.

Patiently? I don't think so....

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