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My Beauty Regimen

Maybe some of you know that I am 9 mos. pregnant right now. For the past 9 mos. my mother has been bugging me to get this beauty regimen for stretch marks or for the "Mask of Pregnancy" (discoloration of the skin) For my last 2 pregnancies I didn't really get a lot of stretchmarks except for the boobie area. with this one, I got more crawly monsters (stretchmarks) on the same area. So last week I decide to listen to my mom's beauty advise. I thought, it's worth the try anyways. What is there to lose, right?

So this is what I'm talking about. The wonder Bio Oil...

Guess what? After a week of using it, I started noticing my skin clearing, I mean not that I lost all the creepy crawlers, but my skin looked cleaner, and the dark veins are getting lighter. I use it on my belly too... I have a very little amount of stretchmarks there, you won't even notice it... But I decided might as well start it so that in case it decides to backfire on me and starts showing up after my belly shrunk, I won't be so disappointed. I also use it on my legs where I noticed some spider veins showing up. They are like bright red and appears to look like light scratches. No kidding but after a day of applying it, It completely disappeared. WOW!!! I heard that this product is good on scars, aging skin or just dehydrated skin that needs extra moisture. TRY IT, It's worth it...

Okay, moving on.... 
I am a proactive user, even though I don't have bad acne problem. 
But even a few here and there bugs me a lot, and what annoys me most is my past acne scars. 
I am stubborn and I never listened to anyone who told me not to pick on my face when I have a pimple. 
So that's my greatest concern, uneven skin tone. I found this products that my husband used to use on his, (he doesn't like men skincare line) that i've never tried before and decided to use it. I LOVE IT!!!

The product is so light, and so silky on my hands, and you don't need to use a lot because a small amount will be more than enough for your face and neck. I am talking about this...

Here's some details that you might be interested to know about this product

Arbonne Nutrimin C Re9 is the line of antiaging Arbonne International Skin Care Products. I think it is a very good line of skin care, with some items that are really exceptional.

The Re in the name refers to the prefix re - meaning to return or renew. Each product has a RE word in the name - i.e. Renewing, Restoring, Reactivating, Repair, Recover, Reversing, etc. The 9 in the name is for the 9 key ingredients that each of these products contain. They are:
  1. Bio-Hydria Complex - this is Arbonne International Skin Care's proprietary blend of botanicals to soften and condition the skin.
  2. Nanosphere Technology - this technology helps to deliver anti-oxidant vitamins to the skin.
  3. Vitamin C, Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate a biologically-active form of Vitamin C. SeeVitamin C Skin Care
  4. Stimu-Tex another Arbonne Skin Care Line proprietary ingredient - this is a botanical ingredient intended to contribute to skin softness, smoothness and elasticity.
  5. Alpha Lipoic Acid - An antioxidant
  6. Kojic Acid- a natural skin lightener
  7. Copper - Used to smooth, soften and firm the skin. See Copper Peptides
  8. Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids - Used to exfoliate the top layer of skin and reduce the apperance of fine lines and wrinkles. See Benefits of Glycolic Acid
  9. Peptides - See Peptides in Skin Care
All of the products have orange oil and an orange scent. If this bothers you or you are sensitive to botanical oils or scented products, you should probably pass on this line. 
I like it, It made my skin brighter and just glowing. I noticed that my past acne scars are starting to fade away... I have a friend on twitter that is a private consultant for Arbonne, and she sent me a few more samples that I can try so I can decide which would be the best product for me.

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