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success |səkˈses|
nounthe accomplishment of an aim or purpose the president had some success in restoringconfidence.• the attainment of popularity or profit the success of his play.• a person or thing that achieves desired aims or attains prosperity I must make a success of my business.• archaic the outcome of an undertaking, specified as achieving or failing to achieve its aims the good or ill success of their maritime enterprises.

Name: Zyon Reeze B PangilinanBirthday: January 02 2007Age: 3

I've been trying for the longest time now to potty train #2 (zyon) but we always end up in failure. Yesterday morning, he was complaining from a stomachache... poor little one tossing and turning around in bed. I asked him if he wants to go to the big boy potty, and to my surprise he said "YES" 
Usually he wants me to stay and hold his hands but this time he wanted to do it on his own, so he just asked me for his DS game, and then I left. A few moments later... I just heard him shouting  "I DID IT, MOM! I DID IT!"
I was so proud of my little boy... He is now officially potty trained. 
He went twice again after that, I never asked, he just told me when he needed to go. Aaaaw....
We did it guys! We did it! 
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