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          Okay, so I've been blog hopping the whole day, looking for peeps to follow and looking for some fun reads. I've noticed a lot of things but most especially the part  where people doesn't write about the "real things"  I mean if you really wanna write about your life, tell your readers about your bad days too... But I guess blogging is all abut showing how perfect your world is? So what you're saying is that you and your husband is the best couple in the entire world? No fights or any arguments at all? Or you have no bad hair day? or your job is just simply perfect? your hormones don't mess up your moods? and your kids are the perfect angels? C'mon!!! I mean just get real!

So after all that's been said, I wanna make sure that I stay REAL... and please know that I am open for your comments and suggestions. I will write about my "REAL LIFE" here, I know most of it will be great, but hell yeah I will have those melt-downs too! So watch out!!!!

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