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        It was September last year when I gave my resignation to my Band Leader. We are the "house-band"at BALLY's Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. It's an amazing job. To be a Singer/Performer. Imagine doing what you love most and making money at the same time? Isn't that awesome? The part that I miss the most after the actual singing of course is the "Getting Ready" part. I have the best excuse to go shopping for new clothes, shoes, and accessories almost every week. I need to look great all the time that's why. I never had to worry about going to the gym and staying in shape because I sweat my butt off every night on stage. Haha!

       I've been singing/performing professionally since I was 14 years old, never went to college because of that, I've always thought that going to school was a waste of time and a hindrance to my career. Well, everyone has our own views and opinions, and those were just mine. But now that I am a mother myself, I would prefer that my kids finish college before they pursue whatever career they want. Although I never regret any decision i've made ever since.

       I still get a lot of email from friends, fans, and supporters asking if i'm going back to singing once the baby is born. (i'm pregnant with #3 due on May 31)
I still have no clue what i'll be doing after. I don't make plans. I always live by the day. And plus, it's hard to give final words. As of now i'm enjoying my final weeks of being pregnant and being spoiled with whatever I want to eat. I have the best excuse. I gained almost 30lbs already which i'm very happy with. I truly feel like i'm on the right spot here. And also, this will be my last pregnancy so i'm just trying to enjoy and nourish every moment. Going back to singing, YES I do miss it very much. And I think that I can never turn my back on it yet. So maybe weekend gigs after the baby's born? Who knows....

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