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Brooklyn New York

Brooklyn, NY.
It looked like a scene from a movie.
Coming from the Philippines, And being in Brooklyn for the 1st time is like walking into a music video.

I was in awe looking at street art everywhere.
It seems like it has it’s own charisma, beauty.
Old infrastructures, dirt, homeless people out in the street all of a sudden seemed like they all fit.

It was cold. But I think the streets were colder.
I was afraid. I think that’s the best description of my feelings. I didn’t go anywhere other than the event i’m speaking at. I ordered food and had it delivered. 
I enjoyed Brooklyn from my room.

But you know me, I had to take advantage of some amazing street art. So I walked a couple of blocks and snapped some pictures.

I had an amazing time with friends though. There’s a small bar/karaoke At the lobby of the hotel. So the girls & I had fun... 

The next day, our sweet friend Raquel took us to her favorite cappucino place in Brooklyn. It was sooooo yummy. 

That same day was the day of the event and it was loads of fun... I sponsored a table for the planner girls. I Made sure that it’s all packed with all our Mommy Lhey goodies and well... decorated to the brim too! 

We had a few hiccups with our workshop. There was no overhead camera and a lapel mic. So I was having some difficult time. But over all I think it went really well. But you know what was The best part? Aside from having the chance to spend time with friends, I actually gained a whole lot more!!! 😍

Have you ever been to Brooklyn? Any special memories there. I’m planning on coming back when it’s not so cold and I will explore it next time.
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  1. Very nice blog .I found you after watching your video on hobonichi


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