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Brand New Year

It’s 2019. What? How? It’s so crazy fast. Don’t you think so too! Or am I the only one who feel like time is not as long as it used to be. That maybe we are not really living 24hrs a day anymore. It feels more like 18hrs now. Aaaaaaaaah. It’s so crazy. Or maybe i’m just really getting old. Pffft 🤣🙈

So... 2019. Am I ready for  it? There are moments when i feel like ROCKY and SO ready for my big fight. And then there are those moments when I feel like a turtle that just wants to hide inside my shell. 
It’s so weird really. 

But I have big hopes for this new year. I can’t say I have big plans though. But I have a few I guess - just ideas, wishes, and dreams. No concrete PLANS. I’ve never been great at creating one. I always wish that i’m better at it. Maybe it’s not too late. Maybe I can still make one. The one. Hmmmmm.... 

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