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Anastasia Matte Lipsticks.


I went shopping at Ulta today for some Fall Make Up. I opted for these  3 new gorgeous colors from Anastasia. I decided to swatch it for you so you can see what it looks like. I am a Filipino so I have a Golden Brown Skin please keep that in mind when considering the colors for yourself. I love the consistency and the texture of the lipstick. It's matte but it doesn't feel drying at all. I try to stay away from MAC now for that reason. Their lip gloss and lippies makes my lips chapped. Ugh. But I still am a big fan and will always love other MAC products.

Swatches from the left are Honey, Rouge, and Rum Punch.
Enjoy and hope the swatches would give you a better idea of the colors.

Anastasia Renaissance: A Perfect Fall Pallette


Are you looking for a new Fall Make Up Pallette? Aaaaah look no more. Try the new Anastasia Modern Renaissance. Look at all these gorgeous fall colors. The color pay off is amazing. Very saturated so it means you only need very little, and it will last you longer.

Free Standard Size Traveler's Notebook Insert


Hello Loves,
As you may know that we have our own line of Traveler's Notebook.
So I created an undated weekly insert (for personal use only!) that you can print at home.
This includes Individual pages for the ones that doesn't have a two-sided printer.
And the multiple pages pdf file for the ones that has the two-sided printing option. 
Every printer has different settings. I use an HP Laser Printer and here is my setting.

My printer doesn't have the two-side printing option. So I print one side at a time.
 But I print multiple pages, when it's time to print on the other side,
 how my papers came out from the printer, is exactly how I put it back in.
I don't flip it or anything. 

I hope you like this Insert. Don't forget to Tag me on Instagram if and when you use it so that I can see your layouts. It's always fun to find Inspiration and gain new friends. 
Also visit our website 
and see if you find something fun and treat  yourself. 

Stay Happy & Keep Creating!

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