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So I needed a break from Business, and Singing.
And I've always Loved Photography but decided that I didn't have enough time for it.
LIE. We all have TIME.
We just sometime choose NOT to have enough of it.
My husband and I work (hard) from home.
We manage our small business together, and sometimes...
I get REALLY tired and needs a break.
So, what to do? Trade in some old tools and bought a new one.

I got me the New Fujifilm XT-2.
And Boy oh boy! Do I love it or what?
It's A-wesome!!!

I've had it for 2 days and probably took thousands of shots already. Lol.
I decided that I also need to start blogging more since I really suck at Vlogging.
I always feel so awkward and struggle for words to say and stuff to talk about.
At least with blogging, I can pause and slow down and really think about the topic
or the words to say before they come out of my mouth.

Here are some sample shots, while I still tinker and play with this new toy of mine.
I hope you'll enjoy to see my children up through my photos.
Or try to visualize my day through my lens as well.

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