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Let them be kids. Please.

Our home is not what society thinks a LOVELY home is. Our Master's Bedroom has 2 king mattress. 
1 for our Zyon and sometimes me. And the other for Raine, Dad & I.
Our walls are full of Raine and Zyon's School Projects & Homework 
that they brought home from school. Did I think we were crazy at first? Oh yes.
But you know what? We stare at our walls and the kids would share with us
how and when they did those projects and how much fun they had, 
and that was the end of my doubts. 
I love it! I love our room. I wouldn't trade it for Pinterest-Picture Perfect rooms.
Because you know why? One day, like our oldest daughter...
They too, will grow up. Will no longer want to stay and sleep with us and
we won't be able to do a thing. We cannot stop them from growing up.
So right now, we embrace the mess, the imperfections.
Because it is our HOME. For cleanest and for the messiest. Lol.

If you still have younger ones, hold them tight.
Enjoy them.
Let them be kids.
Worry about the mess someday.
Many blessings to you my friend.

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