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Free Desktop Wallpaper


Hello loves,
It's been a while since I posted a freebie. 
But here is a cute desktop wallpaper that i'd like to share with you.
I am loving the winter colors of this one! 
Hope you like it too!
Let me know what you think!

Day 7 December Daily: A Process Video


Hello Loves, another process video for you today.
I am enjoying working on my daily Project Life Spreads and love how simple it is
to stay creative but most importantly to document our daily lives.

I hope you enjoy this video, and hope that I can inspire to maybe give this small project a try.

Letter With Me: Have yourself a Merry Christmas


Hello loves, I must admit, it's been a while since I last picked up a brush and got my hands dirty again. Having the newest gadgets are not always a good thing. We can often forget the basics. 
I have to relearn all the things I know again, when you don't use a regular brush for a while,
you definitely lose your touch, your control and your techniques. 
Oh well, I guess you will have to relearn with me because I am planning on filming the progress.
Hope you enjoy this Oddly satisfying video of my lettering.

Our Official Christmas Photo for 2016


We would like to greet everyone Happy Holidays and Have a Very Merry Christmas!

We wanted to skip the Traditional Glamorous Christmas Photo.
So we took our Tripods Out, Gathered some lighting equipment. 
And put on our Favorite Pajamas, and whala!

A Crazy Fun Family Picture Perfect For our Fun Crazy Family. Lol!

Stay warm this winter... I am starting to feel the cold chill outside.
Take some Vitamin C too, because you know it's Flu Season once again!
Much Love to you!

Take Care Of You


Hello Loves, 
How you been? How's your December so far?
Ours have been busy but I love it.

Anyways, This video is just all about reminding you to take care of yourself.
You are special, and your life means so much! 

December Daily Day 1


Our Elf "TIM" arrived yesterday. He brought along some presents with him. 
The kids are so excited and so happy that he's back.
They are wondering what crazy things he will be doing every day until Christmas day.

This is my favorite Holiday season, and I truly love the spirit of Christmas.
The Gift of Giving. A different kind of Joy in the air.
It's just so special. 

I am also so happy to be able to squeeze in some time for Documenting this month. I can't believe I neglected my DSLR for so long. It's embarrassing as it sound. I think I forgot how to actually use it.
What a shame! What a shame!

Anyways, isn't this photo above so precious? Baby Raine looks so young in this shot.
But tin reality, she's getting bigger every second. How time flies. Makes me sad when I think about how time is taking my babies away from me. 

But anywho, I am just happy to be blogging again, and taking some moment for myself.


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