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New Project Life Designs Now Available on my Easy Store

Hello love, this is now available on my Etsy Store! New Project Life Cards!

Eeeeeeeeek! I am so excited!
Today is such a happy day for me. I received some great news 
and some business opportunities opening up and I cannot be any happier.
All my life, I've never done anything (job wise) other than sing and performing.

I've always loved doing other things other than singing. Like arts and crafts 
and also photography, but never really pursued it as another career.
I still sing occasionally, as a matter of fact I will be flying in to San Diego next month
for a show at the Pala Casino. Please check out my artist page (button on the side)
for more info about my show. But yes, about that job...
I am just so happy because I decided to take chances with my new love for designing
and crafting that I am planning on taking this hobby to another level.
I cannot say anything yet, but I'm working on something new.
How about you? Have you ever done anything out of the ordinary?
I mean like stepping outside your box and jump both feet?
How was it? Was it terrifying? 
It is to me, but thank God for Good friends and their positivities.
(I love you Sis Nadine!) That I am now willing to try new ventures
and pursue another course in this journey called LIFE.

Did you feel my excitement there? hehe. 
Okay, so another story.
Went to Best Buy today and picked up the new Intuos Creative Stylus 2.

This is not just a regular stylus.
This stylus connects through bluetooth. 
Also, not all drawing apps supports this Stylus.
That's one of the fallback for me. I love using ProCreate on my iPad
and this stylus is not supported. And not all great functions works. Bummer.
The stylus also needs to be charged and comes with a micro mini USB cord and an extra stylus tip.

All in all I can say that this is a great stylus - specially now that Wacom made it even better,
It has now more realistic feel of drawing with 2048 pressure levels. Even smoother lines
and better details due to performance tip. It's all about the Nibs. Lol.
It says here that it avoid stray marks with "Palm Rejection", I guess I have to play
around with the settings some more.

I loove the carrying case that comes with your pen. 
Especially with me that is often careless when it comes to my things.
I easily lose things, please do not ask me how, I just do. Lol.
So the case feels very good in my hands. The bottom part has a rubber finish
I love that because Rubber means No Slip. So meaning no damage, haha!
The top part has a sheen slight metallic finish
which looks so elegant. Reminds me of my Sony Vaio Flip. Classy!
So if you like doodling on your iPad, this new stylus is worth a try.
Retail price is $79.99. I got mine from Best Buy.
And if you are gonna go buy it, or you already have it,
Please lemme know how it works for you.
You like? love? hate it? 
Or do you have another brand that you can recommend? 

Hope you are well!

The new project life cards are now available for purchase.
get yours now! :)

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