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August Already? New Wallies

Hey Baby Loves! It's August already? Waaaaah. Too crazy fast. 
I've been so crazy busy. Coming from a long busy trip to a much busier time at home.
We went crazy with packing preorders that were placed while I was gone, 
Mommy Lhey Designs are getting noticed, and I couldn't be any happier.
Seeing all these lovely ladies, using our planner stamps and loving it, It's so fulfilling!

But anyways, I failed to upload new wallies last week so I am making up for it this week.

I just recently uploaded 6 new wallies in the wallbox so hurry on and download yours. 
If you haven't subscribed yet, click the link up there in the menu and subscribe!

Thank you mucho lovely! Till next time! XO!

Free Nerdy Wallpaper

Hey babe! How are you? I hope all is well with you. Me? I'm great.
We just got done with 2 successful SOLD-OUT shows here in Las Vegas,
and we are ready for 4 more shows in Hawaii. 

After that, I am heading straight home to my beautiful family and go back to my other "work" lol.
If you are from Hawaii, I would love to greet and meet you. We have 1 show in Maui
and 3 shows in Honolulu. I am excited because this will be my 1st time in Maui.
And pretty Excited to go back to Honolulu as well and see Old Friends and meet new ones.

Just to let you know, I've also uploaded new wallpapers in the Wallbox, so make sure you 
go download yours. 

Here are two (2) Wallpapers that I'd like to share with all of you,
and I hope that you'll like them!!! :)

Wishing you a beautiful week ahead, and I hope that you are all well and loved.


Learning and Never Giving Up

Hello My Beautiful Friends, How I've missed you.
I am still here, just been sooooo crazy busy.

Working hard running our small online business, learning new things,
in the middle of another move, and preparing for another show.
Yay huh? 
I must admit, It can get overwhelming sometimes, but i'm try my best to not feel that way.
I just try and focus on the good and keeping my eyes on the price.

I have ben learning Illustrator, enrolled in a few online classes and I'm learning so much.
I just love learning new things, it keeps my creative juices flowing, it's like feeding my soul.
It feels so good. 

I made a few new Illustrations this week, I added some in the wallbox and I wanna share a free wallpaper with you. Please keep in mind that all my graphics are for personal use only. And may I ask you to please help me promote it by Pinning it or sharing it on any of your favorite Social Media. Like always, I appreciate you. For still being here and supporting this little blog of mine.

I hope that you are enjoying your summer, and making lots of memories with your loved ones.
Enjoy the Wallpapers, Let me know what new things you're trying this Summer or if you're planning on learning new ones. I love hearing from you! :)

Click The Photo For The Higher Resolution.

Girl Boss Free Wallpaper

Hello Girl Bosses!!!
I am so excited, I am leaving tomorrow to go visit 
my home country Philippines after 10 years of being here in the US.
I must say that I am excited yet nervous at the same time.

Part of me is scared that instead of feeling home, It might start to feel like 
a foreign country to me.
But... I know once I'm with my family and visit familiar faces. I'll be alright.
It will probably feel like, I never left.

So, anyways I know i've been MIA, but I want to share with you
that I've recently ditched my iPhone 6 plus to a New Samsung Galaxy 6 edge.
Hooray!!!! So i'm sure you know what that means...

It means, I will be back to themeing again.
I need a new theme already but I've been so busy lately trying to prep
for my trip that I do not have time to design and work on something.
But here is a wallpaper that I made for myself and I want to share with you.

I hope you'll like it.
I'm telling you... 

I'M BACK!!!!

Grab this Free GIRLBOSS wallpaper by Mommy Lhey

Stay Blessed Free Wallpaper

Hey Dolls! Sorry been so busy with my new venture.
But I haven't totally forgotten about this blog and theming. 
It's just that I'm not Jailbroken anymore, waaaaaah.
But as soon as a new jailbreak is available, I'm on it, LOL!

As of now I have a few wallpaper pack available.
Spring has sprung so Pastel lovers, watch out for new sets of wallpaper coming.

But for now, I'd like to share this pretty wallie.
We all need a reminder how blessed we are.
No matter what you are going through, remember that there are
million things to be grateful about!

Stay beautiful inside and out!

To save click the wallpaper, then choose 'Save image'

Peek-A-Pink Wallpaper Pack



Free Wallpaper On A Friday!

How is everyone? I've been so crazy busy with my new venture that 
is really going very well. Thank you all for your support and love.
You guys ROCK!

Here are some cute walls that I made this morning.
I've been using the same wall and theme and I just needed something new on my screen.
I've been loving this deep shade of pink that is really close to a
plum color. It looks great against brown and a deep navy blue shade.
I hope you'll like them. All for personal use only!

Love to all!

Girl Boss Go SMS (Android)


This will not work without installing Go SMS app first.
You may download Go SMS in the plaster for free.

After Successful installation, Go To Settings Menu and Apply the Theme.

After Successful payment, Please click "RETURN TO MERCHANT"
to get redirected to the download link. 
NO REFUND due to the nature of this product.


Girl Boss Wallpaper Pack


As promised, Here is the Wallpaper Pack of My Girlboss.
Consists of 16 Lovely/Unique Wallpapers gathered both from The Android and iPhone version.
(Not all shown in the Screenshots)
You do NOT have to be JAILBROKEN to use these wallpapers.
You may also use this in your Any of your Android Devices without having to
use a 3rd Party Launcher.

After successful payment, please click
to get redirected to the Download Folder.
Save your wallpaper on your device. Back it up in your laptop,
Hardrive, or Your Online Cloud Service.

Set the wallpaper, and enjoy your beautiful phone!
Thank you!


Girl Boss Go Keyboard Skin And Color Keyboard


This is For Android Go Keyboard Skin.

For iPhone Color Keyboard

Download Here

Girl Boss Go Launcher Theme (Android)



This is a Go Launcher Theme for Android Devices.
Contain of 10 Wallpapers
100+ Icons
App Drawer Background
Folder And Base Icons
And Menu and Setting Buttons

This does NOT come with extra folders for wallpapers and Icons
Only the Complete Go Launcher


Yellow: ffd200
Pink: ed1489
Green: c5d04e
Teal: 19b4a9
Purple: a771d5
Orange: ff6600


After Successful payment, please click "RETURN TO MERCHANT"
to get redirected to the download link.
Please READ my Terms And Conditions Before you buy!

Girl Boss iPhone


Please Read:
This theme comes with 

12 Wallpapers
97 Icons
Status Bar Signals,
Lock Rotation, & Battery,
Loading Page

Sb badge
and Zeppelin


After Successful payment, please click "RETURN TO MERCHANT"
to get redirected to the download link.
Please READ my Terms And Conditions Before you buy!


Please come back tonight for the ColorKeyboard/GoKeyboard Skin

New Project Life Designs Now Available on my Easy Store

Hello love, this is now available on my Etsy Store! New Project Life Cards!

Eeeeeeeeek! I am so excited!
Today is such a happy day for me. I received some great news 
and some business opportunities opening up and I cannot be any happier.
All my life, I've never done anything (job wise) other than sing and performing.

I've always loved doing other things other than singing. Like arts and crafts 
and also photography, but never really pursued it as another career.
I still sing occasionally, as a matter of fact I will be flying in to San Diego next month
for a show at the Pala Casino. Please check out my artist page (button on the side)
for more info about my show. But yes, about that job...
I am just so happy because I decided to take chances with my new love for designing
and crafting that I am planning on taking this hobby to another level.
I cannot say anything yet, but I'm working on something new.
How about you? Have you ever done anything out of the ordinary?
I mean like stepping outside your box and jump both feet?
How was it? Was it terrifying? 
It is to me, but thank God for Good friends and their positivities.
(I love you Sis Nadine!) That I am now willing to try new ventures
and pursue another course in this journey called LIFE.

Did you feel my excitement there? hehe. 
Okay, so another story.
Went to Best Buy today and picked up the new Intuos Creative Stylus 2.

This is not just a regular stylus.
This stylus connects through bluetooth. 
Also, not all drawing apps supports this Stylus.
That's one of the fallback for me. I love using ProCreate on my iPad
and this stylus is not supported. And not all great functions works. Bummer.
The stylus also needs to be charged and comes with a micro mini USB cord and an extra stylus tip.

All in all I can say that this is a great stylus - specially now that Wacom made it even better,
It has now more realistic feel of drawing with 2048 pressure levels. Even smoother lines
and better details due to performance tip. It's all about the Nibs. Lol.
It says here that it avoid stray marks with "Palm Rejection", I guess I have to play
around with the settings some more.

I loove the carrying case that comes with your pen. 
Especially with me that is often careless when it comes to my things.
I easily lose things, please do not ask me how, I just do. Lol.
So the case feels very good in my hands. The bottom part has a rubber finish
I love that because Rubber means No Slip. So meaning no damage, haha!
The top part has a sheen slight metallic finish
which looks so elegant. Reminds me of my Sony Vaio Flip. Classy!
So if you like doodling on your iPad, this new stylus is worth a try.
Retail price is $79.99. I got mine from Best Buy.
And if you are gonna go buy it, or you already have it,
Please lemme know how it works for you.
You like? love? hate it? 
Or do you have another brand that you can recommend? 

Hope you are well!

The new project life cards are now available for purchase.
get yours now! :)

Happy Monday


Man, the weekend flew so fast.
how was your weekend? Ours went well. My family and I drove to Alabama/Florida Coast.
House hunting. And I fell in love in the small town called "Fairhope, Alabama"
It's like scene in a movie. A small quaint town. Well kept, and feels safe. 
Unsure yet-We are still in the process of picking out our options.
H O O R A Y for Options right?

Anyways, like what I told you before, I decided to BLOG more.
I like sharing things with you more than just pictures on Instagram.
I feel like opening up little pieces if my life will somehow make you know me more.
(Not sure if that's a good thing for you-Lol)

So oh-kay-It's Monday today. Meaning, I added new walls in the Wallbox.

And also Monday is when I decorate my Planner.
Hee hee... I've been enjoying my new venture which is doing and learning illustrations.
From the most simple to the more complicated subjects and everything else in between.
I love being creative.  I love keeping my mind busy. Active.
How about you? What are your hobbies? 
Do you Scrapbook? Photographies? Designing? Planner? Card Making?
How do you keep your creative juices flowing? 

Here is what my week looks like.
I am using a Kate Spade Agenda It's equivalent to a personal size filofax.
I used Gold and Pink Polka Dots Washi tapes for the page flags.
Then used a Floral Washi for the border and added stitching details around 
the page flags and on top of my border.

I drew all the Kawaii stuff you see on this page.
I often use Stickers and Stamps to decorate,
But this week I decided to give my "doodling" skills a try.
What do you think? Okay, No. Don't tell me. It'll hurt my heart, hehe!

Anyways, I really enjoyed decorating this week's pages. A lot of you on Instagram
has been so kind to me supporting my journey and love watching my progress (if there is, lol)
I really owe my inspiration to YOU-because if not for your encouragement I don't
think I will be brave enough to dabble on new things. So you guys ROCK!!!
...T H A N K Y O U...

Anyways I used Micron Pens to draw my little creatures.
Then colored them using Prisma Color pencils.
Also added puffy heart and stickers I got from Studio Calico.
I love them.

And also.... I received a Happy Mail. 
The Shirt I ordered from this lovely lady on Instagram @jossieposie4

Y'all know I'm a "PROJECTLIFER" so it's just appropriate that I buy this Fab shirt!

This shirt is A-wesome!!!! If you do project life-I suggest you visit her blog And even if you are not, she has another tee that says 
"Blogging is my jam!" And other items too. So go to her blog and check it out!

I wish y'all have a blessed week ahead and I will chat with you guys soon!

Dolled Up Wallpack


3 Wallpapers
Size 750X1334


My favorite Martin Luther King Quote


There are a lot of Great Quotes from Dr. Martin Luther King
but this one is my favorite. 
This morning I added a wall in my Wallbox until I noticed that there
is a Typo. Instead of deleting it, I thought i'd keep it and share this one instead.

How's your Monday? Mine's been busy. Productive.
I have so many plans-SO many ideas.
I do not know how to make everything happened. 
I guess, I just have to slow down and do everything one step at a time.
I really want to start blogging again. I forgot how much I love blogging.

I mean before I found my niche on the internet, I was  a dedicated blogger.
If you would look at my past posts, it's about my family, my likes, dislikes
and everything else in between about our lives.

I want to start doing it again.
I would enjoy sharing reviews of my favorite products with you and more.
Also please do not forget to subscribe to my YouTube 
because that's also another place where will you see me a lot.
Sometimes, it's just easier to film a video and explain-
than take pictures, and then type/write a tutorial.
Well, but then again, I am dissing the main purpose of blogging, LOL!

But oh well, just make sure you guys stick around with me,
And I will a lot of our years of friendship making you feel glad that you did! XO!

Here's to a beautiful week my love.
Sending one big hug!

ML New Fonts (Freebies)


This is A TTF file. Not for iPhones. 
Android users please use iFont App.
Watch my tutorial on YouTube
For personal use only pretty please.
Thank you.

Do you boo! (Free Desktop Wallpaper)



Society6 Big Wallpaper Pack

Hello Loves!!!! Sorry been a while since I last posted.
I am doing well-How are you?
I am slowly getting better from this silly bug.
Baby Raine is too. Thank God.

Anyways, if you follow me on IG you do know that
i've announced my partnership with Society 6 in turning my designs
into different products. Cellphone Cases, iPad, Mac, and Galaxy Devices.
You can also purchase it as Cards, Pillow Cases, Tote Bags,
And so much more... I am so elated.

I hope that you will also support me on this journey.
I wouldn't have made it this far without all of you.
Remember what I always say?
You+Me+ Freaking Awesomeness!!!!
So Thank You.
Thank you for making my dreams happen.
Sharing my designs with all of you is such an amazing dream of mine.
I am running a small business with big hearted customers.
It's Pure Bliss!!! You Rock!

I added a banner on the side bar for my Shop on Society6.
But you may also visit it on

Anywho, some of you have already contacted about purchasing
a few walls-So I decided to make a big Wallpaper Pack for all you.
Please Note that the Pink BLAH design is NOT included in this pack.
That is available for purchase as a custom order.

This pack contains 22 Walls-Yep 22! Whew!!!
Some are not included in the Screenshot. But it's all amazeballs!!!
I know you will love it.
This pack includes My Handwritten Brushscripts-Original Patterns that I made
that you will not find somewhere else, Unless of course Someone Copies it.
Few of my Artworks (Drawn by Moi) and a lot more.

Please keep the love flowing you guys!
And I have a few more Goodies lined up for all of you.

This will be in a ZIPPED file. If you are not jailbroken, please download iZip from
the App Store (Free) or you have the option to download in your computer.
T H A N K   Y O U   S O   M U C H


Valentine is Just around the corner...

And let's kick things off with a new wallpaper.
I love Valentine, Lots Of Pinks And Reds!

Hope you like it! 

Loving Floral, New Case

Hey guys, just thought i'd take this moment to share and show you guys my new case.
I am so loving floral lately. I got this case from eBay for $4.99. So pretty.

They have other style/print. Go check it out.
eBay Seller Name is: nuflower2009

You're welcome! :)

How to use iFont: Use cute fonts on your phone



My Kind Of Girl Go Keyboard Skin (Android)

Hey Loves, Hope you are staying warm... Brrrr...
Here's the Go Keyboard Skin For My Kind Of Girl Theme.
Enjoy :)

To save the higher resolution. Click/Press the picture first to open the high quality image, 
then long press to save. Enjoy!

My Kind Of Girl Go Launcher (Android)


12 Wallpapers
65 Icons
Page Indicators
App Drawer Background
Menus, Buttons
Folder and Base Icons
Go Launcher


My Kind Of Girl Color Keyboard (iPhones)


Here is a color keyboard for iPhone users.
I will try and finish Android Go Launcher this evening.

Custom Post Signature

Custom Post  Signature