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A little Note for my ladies, In the past few years of my life i've been through so much.
I've had my share of heartaches and pain. I've laughed and cried. Travelled and Journeyed well.
But if there is one thing that I can share with you, and it's my most important treasure.
It's the understanding... that no matter how far you've traveled, and how much you've made.
In the end of all this, IT IS the SMALL things that matters the MOST.
When you learn that, life will be smooth sailing. It will not be so frightening.
You put your focus somewhere else, to the ones that has meaning.
Find an anchor... so that no matter how much you've sailed, and how high you flew.
Someone will keep you grounded...

Life is beautiful, it is meant to be shared.
Make special memories, make life worth living.

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