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Free Falling Hoots Go Keyboard Skin

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I cannot get over anything with owls and elephants lol.
okay, maybe panda too, and puppies, and cats, and turtles, and.... LOL.
I love seeing any critters on my phone, they make me smile and happy.

I just recently got the new Galaxy Tab S 8Inch. My Note 10-2014 edition is starting to get heavy.
I love this size better, perfect for traveling, and reading at night.
Please lemme know in the comment below if you'd like for me to record a YouTube Video
Sort of a "First Look" or just a short impression/review video.

New look of the blog too? How do you like it compared to the last one? I know it's fall, 
and these colors are very spring, but I truly do not mind coz these color combos
are so much softer in the eyes. I love it, and I hope you are loving it too!

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