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What's on my Samsung Galaxy Note 4


Happy Halloween Free Wallpaper


Enjoy these free walls!

Little Sweet Melody Free Walls


Hello Guys, lately i've been into girly stuff. Mostly Kawaii.
So here is a VERY pink wall, LOL.
I thought i'd share. Y'all have been so kind to me always.
And through all these years, you're still here supporting me.
So *wiping tears* I hope you'll like this wall.

VLOG: All about my Hawaii Trip, shopping, and more



Free Gradient Wallpapers


Hello Everyone! I just got back from my Hawaii Trip...
I tell you what, It was sooooo much fun. Bittersweet because I was also missing my family
the whole time I was there. You know how it is...

But nevertheless, I had fun. We had a successful show. 2 shows Sold Out!
Mahalo Hawaii... Mahalo Ala Moana Hotel.

I also bought so many goodies, and cannot wait to make YouTube videos 
of all my hauls and how Kate Spade robbed me. LOL.

So for now, Enjoy this two simple gradient walls that you can use
and match other themes. Gotta check if Online Go Launcher maker is working already.

My phone needs a new theme badly...

I am going to Hawaii Video Part 2



Blessings Everyone!!! Thank you for watching.
Please Subscribe!

I am going to Hawaii


Application I Use To Customize My Samsung Galaxy Note 4


In this video I will talk to you about what apps I use on my Android to customize it.
These are the apps that you will also need if you want to make your phone pretty.
This is the first step to learn so we can start customizing.

My next video, I will show you how to place Widgets and even customize the UCCW widgets to your liking, Change the color hex codes to match the theme you are using.
So if you are interested in learning that, please do not forget to SUBSCRIBE so you won't miss 
the upcoming videos. Thank You!!!!

Video: How To Use Go Launcher Part 2


This video will teach you how to purchase Themes, Widgets, Fonts, Etc
Outside The Google Playstore. So if you are a new android user, and want to learn
Watch the Video and Enjoy! If you have any questions, leave a comment below or on YouTube.
Thank you, and I hope my efforts will help some of you...

Pink Blush Go SMS (Android)



Complete Go SMS Theme with Pop Up and All
To apply, Go To GOSMS Settings
and choose theme.

No Refund Due to The Nature of our products.
After Successful payment,
to Get redirected back to the download link.
After Installed Go to Go SMS Settings to Apply the theme.

Pink Blush Go Launcher

Not a Stand Alone App. Must have Go Launcher to use the theme.
No Rooting required.

What comes with it:

100+ Icons
10 Wallpapers
Page Indicators
Base and Folder Icons
Menu Buttons
Setting Buttons
App Drawer Backgrounds

After Successful Payment, 
Please Click "Return to Merchant (or Return To MommyLhey)"
to get Redirected back to the download link.
We do not offer refunds due to the nature of our products.
Please read Terms And Conditions Below
If you have any questions or concerns.


Cute Monkey Halloween Wallpaper Pack


What's Included:
6 Wallpapers Will Fit iPhone 6-5-C-S
and Most android devices...

We do not offer refund due to the nature of our product,
 Read Disclaimer below before
you buy. After Successful payment
to get redirected back to the download link.

How to use Go Launcher on your Android Device: Video


Here is my promised video to all of you who owns Android and have no clue about customizing it. I hope this video tutorial helps all of you... I will upload the next video on how to use and purchase my Go Launcher themes that you can find here on my blog. Please do not forget to subscribe and "LIKE" the video.

You are my Anchor Free Wallpaper


A little Note for my ladies, In the past few years of my life i've been through so much.
I've had my share of heartaches and pain. I've laughed and cried. Travelled and Journeyed well.
But if there is one thing that I can share with you, and it's my most important treasure.
It's the understanding... that no matter how far you've traveled, and how much you've made.
In the end of all this, IT IS the SMALL things that matters the MOST.
When you learn that, life will be smooth sailing. It will not be so frightening.
You put your focus somewhere else, to the ones that has meaning.
Find an anchor... so that no matter how much you've sailed, and how high you flew.
Someone will keep you grounded...

Life is beautiful, it is meant to be shared.
Make special memories, make life worth living.

PS. Free Wallpaper

Quick Look of my Samsung Galaxy Note 4


Hello My Darlings, as promised I made a video just showing a quick look of my the New Note 4.
I am still stammering and trying to find my words. Geez when was the last time I made a YouTube Video? Lol. Seems like ages. But I really do need some cheering on here, Haha! 
Please subscribe to my channel because I have a lot of projects lined up-For Newbies
and even Old timers. Basically just anything and everything I can think of. 
From Vlogging to Tips, and How To's. I will try and film and upload for all of you.

If you have any request for me to film, please lemme know in the comment below or send me a message using the Contact Form :)

Once again, I thank all of you for your love and support!

Love Free Wallpaper


Hello Loves, I am sooooo happy today... 
I got my new Tab S a zagg shield and an original samsung case, I love it!
And also..... *Drum roll* 
My Samsung Note 4 is here!!! Yay!!! I am ecstatic!!!
First look-I Love it!

The design, the metal around the phone, took away that cheap plastic look.
Stitching is gone too. The design really improved a lot, so that's good.

I am planning on making a quick review video of both devices.

I also made a new YouTube Account please make sure you subscribe
so i'll get inspired filming and uploading videos... Lol (I'm so lazy!)
So anyways, again I thank you for always supporting my little world here on the web...
Enjoy the wallpaper! Goodnight!

I love Fall Free Zepps


Hello Beautiful ones, I made some free Zepps for all of you to match the new Fall Wallpaper Pack.
I am still having difficulties with Go Launcher Maker. Ugh.
I desperately need a new theme on my phone. Lol!
 I hope you all enjoy these... XOXO!

Free Falling Hoots Go Keyboard Skin

For Personal use only, To Save..Long press on the image and hit "Save Image"

I cannot get over anything with owls and elephants lol.
okay, maybe panda too, and puppies, and cats, and turtles, and.... LOL.
I love seeing any critters on my phone, they make me smile and happy.

I just recently got the new Galaxy Tab S 8Inch. My Note 10-2014 edition is starting to get heavy.
I love this size better, perfect for traveling, and reading at night.
Please lemme know in the comment below if you'd like for me to record a YouTube Video
Sort of a "First Look" or just a short impression/review video.

New look of the blog too? How do you like it compared to the last one? I know it's fall, 
and these colors are very spring, but I truly do not mind coz these color combos
are so much softer in the eyes. I love it, and I hope you are loving it too!

Falling Hoots Wallpaper Pack



6 wallpaper will fit iPhone 6, 5-C-S
and most Android Devices.

We do not offer refund due to the nature of our product,
 Read Disclaimer below before
you buy. After Successful payment
to get redirected back to the download link.

Free Pumpkin Zepps


I AM AWESOME Wallpaper


Nope, Not Me, But You!!!!

Midnight Blush Wallpaper Pack



Consists of 5 Black and Hot Pink Wallpaper in Different Patterns.
If you are in the mood for a Non-Busy Wallpaper but still with a hint of pink
This Wallpack is for you! Enjoy

We do not offer refund due to the nature of our product,
 Read Disclaimer below before
you buy. After Successful payment
to get redirected back to the download link.

Black Cheetah Glass Color Keyboard Skin

To save, Long Press on the image and choose "save image" option...

New Wallpapers for Wallpaper Subscribers


All wallpapers that are part of my lifetime subscription is all for personal use only. No part of it may be shared, used for your commercial use. To use for commercial purpose you may contact me for a commercial license. All designs are by MommyLhey. Icons, Vectors are bought, and proper credits are given if necessary. Please BOOKMARK the Dropbox link on your preferred web browser so you may be updated when new premium walls are added weekly. Do not add/save directly to your dropbox, It will not update automatically.
If you agree with my terms and conditions you may SUBSCRIBE above.

Back Up/Save your link, email them to yourself so you will always have a copy. I am not obligated for lost links, it your responsibility to keep a copy of it. If you lose your bookmark, link for some unfortunate events, I am sorry but you will have to repurchase. Thank you.

Transparent Round Icons

100+ Icons and are NOT bundled to work for iPhone 5S
iPHone 5C and below may use it with no issues.
Android users must know how to change icons manually.
Enjoy Everyone! Have an awesome weekend!!!

Pastel Goodies Wallpaper Pack



Breast Cancer Awareness Wallpaper


"Chin Up, Buttercup!"
My support and prayers to anyone who has been diagnosed, 
going through it, has a friend, a family member,
My Heart and Prayers Goes out to you.

Right Now Wallpaper (Freebie)


Kate Spade Inspired Icons (Freebies)

100+ Icons Not Bundled for iOS7


Kate Spade Glam Wallpaper Pack


This Listing is for Kate Spade Wallpaper Pack
Includes 10 Wallpapers  (Not all are shown)
Size is 640X1136


We do not offer refund due to the nature of our product,
 Read Disclaimer below before
you buy. After Successful payment
to get redirected back to the download link.

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