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Florida Update!

Hello my dear loves, Yup, We are still in Florida! Hehe.
So anyways, yesterday something very unfortunate happened to me.
The Wave/Water Reached my phone in the shore. Waaaaaah.
You know how it is, Salt water? Sand? No bueno for my iPhone.
Fortunately, I am Filipino. I have a sack of rice in the car... 
Made sure I got rid of all the sand and water as much as I can
took the sim card off, and place in one of kids (beach) bucket and pour magical rice.

Waited All night and this morning I tried to charge and it turned on!
Hallelujah! Thank you Lord!

So, to celebrate my joy with all of you. 
I made this wallpaper and I hope that you enjoy and like them too!
Please Pin, Tweet, And Share it :)

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