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Time to refocus. What matters most is them...

I did a lot of thinking these past few days.
And I noticed that I have my phone glued into my hands, like...
no bueno!

SO, I told myself that I have to make some changes around here.
My passion for make up and blogging is taking over my focus and attention. And I want to change that. 
I love make up and fashion please don't get me wrong.
But I love my kids and taking pictures of them so much more.

Why am I saying this?

because you will notice that I will be posting less and less about make up stuff. I just have to find the happy medium.
A perfect balance between family and my hobbies.

So with that,
I will leave you with these precious photos...
Hope you'll like them!!!

1 comment on "Time to refocus. What matters most is them..."
  1. It's great that you are trying to find the perfect balance. I enjoy reading writing anyway.


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